Eda Yorulmazoglu @Berlin Alternative Fashion Week 2017

A lot of fantasy creatures and a big pink fish which is chilling the whole show on the ground of the runway.

bafw17 edayorulmazoglu 10

Eda Yorulmazoglu‘s lovely and strange costume-like clothes told us a story. Supported by mimes and short slogans, it seemed to be more a theatre scene than a runway show. After this spectale I needed some minutes in order to return to the reality.

This is part of Eda’s intention. The clothes she designs are made for distract people from their problems, thoughts or everyday life – it is not important to fit into standards.

You can be content while being yourself.

bafw17 edayorulmazoglu 02bafw17 edayorulmazoglu 03

bafw17 edayorulmazoglu 06bafw17 edayorulmazoglu 07

bafw17 edayorulmazoglu 11

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