Who constructs the *electro* in your *couture* ?

 Fashion combined with technology is no longer the future. It’s just become our present. Fashion designers like Zac Posen already created clothes with LED lights or heat pads inside. But there are much more opportunities we want to share with you!

Luminous gown by Zac Posen worn by Claire  Danes at the Met Gala 2016, found on Instagram (Zac Posen)

Recently, we met a lot of interesting people at Wear It Festival in Berlin, an event filled with exciting news about fashion and technology, wearable technology and innovation.

One of the companies we got to know there is ELEKTROCOUTURE, which was founded in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Some designers and technologists from Elektrocouture led a workshop at the festival and showed us how to create such extraordinary luminous necklaces (including LEDs)!

While bending and soldering our jewelry, we curiously chatted with the workshop leaders about Elektrocouture. Those guys are managing all technology aspects of the projects that are delegated to them. That means: If you are a fashion designer and created for example some jackets with shining pockets, you can hire Elektrocouture for the technical realization!

 They also work with 3D printers and similar innovative technology. We suggest you to have a look at their projects!

It’s fascinating to think about what fashion might be in the next years.

More impressions from Wear It Festival are coming soon!